Wage and Salary Program

Do your salaries actually attract, motivate, and retain employees?

Are you worried that you are paying some employees too much?

Is there internal pay equity in your business or are employees resentful that some jobs are paid more?

An effective and easily explained compensation system can resolve all these issues and improve employee relations.

A well-designed Wage & Salary Program can once and for all “take money off-the-table” as an employee relations issue and get everyone focused on performance.

The quote below from Maya Angelou accurately sums up the attitude of employees when it comes to compensation:

“Human beings are more alike than unalike. Whether in Paris, Texas, or Paris, France, we all want to have good jobs where we are needed and respected and paid just a little more than we deserve.”

Yes, we all want to be paid “just a little more than we deserve.”

The trick for a business is to implement a compensation strategy that:

  • Fairly compensates employees,
  • Is affordable for the company, and
  • Provides that “I’m paid a little more than I deserve” feeling.

Our common sense approach to compensation puts you in the driver’s seat of a salary program that is:

  • Easy to create,
  • Easy to explain, and
  • Easy for you to administer.

Our Program will help you:

  1. Create pay grades that objectively classify all jobs, including sales and highly compensated positions.
  2. Manage communication of pay grades to your staff and individual employees that will be viewed as equitable.
  3. Develop a methodology for dealing with market changes to maintain internal and external pay equity.
  4. Determine when to implement changes to pay grades.
  5. Easily incorporate new positions into your current pay grade structure.
  6. Prevent salary compression and salary inflation as market conditions change.
  7. Deal with performance-based increases and cost of living increases.
  8. Know when to change the pay grade of an employee or a job based on objective criteria, rather than how long and loud a person whines.
  9. Effortlessly introduce bonuses and other financial incentives to improve performance.
  10. Ensure pay equity for legal purposes.

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