Case Study: Regional Bank

This small but rapidly growing regional bank with 8 locations was facing considerable pressure from larger competitors in securing new accounts.

This project included working with the 18 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to improve productivity and sales.

We made observations of the CSRs interactions with customers in the bank and discovered numerous missed opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell customers.

We created a simple graphic that showed the full range of the bank’s products and trained the CSRs to use the graphic along with a specific script for each customer encounter.

The graphic would show the products a client already utilized and offered a CSR the opportunity to engage a customer on higher-end products.

The tool became so successful that customers would often walk in several weeks later carrying the graphic and asking about specific products.

We also implemented a system for tracking sales encounters, closing ratios, number of up-sells, and number of cross-sells.

Finally, we implemented a financial reward system to compensate the CSRs for their successes.

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