Case Study: Charter School

We redesigned a recruiting and interviewing system of this fast growing school and shortened the open position “Time to Fill” benchmark by almost 40%.

Our methodology required the Recruiter to quickly sort the top 15 to 20 resumes received within the first 5 days of the placement of an advertisement for a position.

The Recruiter would email a worksheet/exercise to be completed and returned by the applicants, which often resulted in a response rate of seriously interested candidates of about 80%.

A 20-minute phone interview would then be scheduled with the candidates to (A) review all the potential “deal-breakers” such as salary, benefits, hours of work, etc. and (B) ask 5 structured interview questions about prior employment.

The top 5 to 8 candidates would be scheduled for a 30 to 40 minute soft-skill phone interview with the Recruiter to assess their soft skills in relation to the top 10 soft skills that we identified for each position.

Finally, the top 3 to 5 candidates would be invited for in-person interviews at the school, with the Recruiter getting permission to check certain references of the top candidates before they arrived for the interview.

We also worked with the managers to create structured interview questions for each position so that all applicants would be measured by the same benchmarks.

Finally, we trained the managers to score the responses to interview questions as a method for weighing the quality of candidate responses.

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