Case Study: Benefits Broker

The CEO of this regional benefits broker had a major performance problem with a very senior employee who had previously hinted about age discrimination within the office.

This small business could not handle the distraction that a charge of discrimination would bring.

As such, the CEO engaged our firm to implement our disciplinary action process that we call Open-Heart Conversations.

Our Open-Heart Disciplinary Action Program is specifically designed for difficult performance improvement and behavior change conversations.
As such, we worked with the CEO to gather the information that we needed in order to complete our proprietary tool, the Issues Resolution Worksheet.

After gathering all the information, we conducted the meeting with the employee and the CEO.

Because of our experience in these matters, we were able to keep the meeting very low-key despite the intensity of the employee’s emotions that flared-up from time to time.

In the end, the employee thanked us for having the courage to bring the issues into the open and for not overreacting to her outbursts during the meeting.

The next day, we met again with the employee to jointly develop a plan of action for resolving the issues.

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